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Websites and Sales Funnel Systems require several different parts, found in many different places to complete the online profit cycle. Web Design Island is where you can find it all in one place!

We will maximize your time and help you achieve a profitable online business.  We are committed to your success!

Q & A

Do I have to install anything?

No, we build and host your custom website in WordPress, and build and host your sales funnel system using OptimizePress software. You just supply all the content that goes into the website and sales funnel. Once your website and/or sales funnel is completed, you can login and edit anything that your purchased. We purchase and renew our own OptimizePress developer licence to build your sales funnel pages, but you own the website/pages.

Can I provide my own web hosting?

Yes. If you want us to build your website and sales funnel on your own hosting account, you will have to purchase and renew your own OptimizePress license annually. Setup of the OptimizePress software account is not included if you provide your own secure web hosting. See Web Hosting at the bottom of our website for more details about hosting services.

Do I need a website for a sales funnel?

A sales funnel is made up of a series of hidden web pages tied to your landing page (opt-in page where you collect email addresses to build an email list).  These web pages can be your entire website without any other pages.  A sales funnel is made up of as many web pages as you need to complete your sales funnel goals. Our a la carte pricing allows you to purchase additional web pages as needed, whether they are web pages to build out a website, or more pages for your sales funnel system.

Do I have to pay for updates?

We offer annual website support that includes any help you need with content changes on your purchased web pages, updates to all your website software, monthly backups of your entire website/sales funnel system, and licence renewal for updates of the OptimizePress software that we use to build sales funnels. When you purchase annual website support, we maintain everything for you.