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The Overnight Content writer.

Create high converting sales copy for all of your ads, emails, webinars, web pages, blogs and more with the click of a button using iScripts!


Get onboard with our favorite new tool that manages your entire marketing automation system to drive your target market right to your website! Every piece you need is all integrated in one easy to use tool!  

Artificial Intelligence driven, you are provided with relevant social media content to post, along with free stock photos for your industrty!

$47/mth $20/mth
Expires 5/20/21

Marketing Concepts & Strategy

Unlimited Landing Pages

Unlimited Social Media Content

Email Marketing (15,000/mth)

SMS Marketing

Content for Network Marketers!


Mobile App

Detailed Analytics


...and more!

Web Design

We design or redesign beautiful, modern and functional websites that are very user friendly for both you and your visitors. We design stand-alone wordpress websites that integrate with all your marketing tools. We provide SSL hosting, email accounts and website support.

Starting @ $1,300

Discovery Meeting and Estimate

Marketing Strategy & Plan

Design and Delivery


Launch and Celebration!

Web Design Classes

Now you can learn from the experts how to build your own website.  This is a live zoom class that will teach you hands on, the basics to get started building your first website.  WORDPRESS | OPTIMIZEPRESS

$87 1 hour Class

Selecting a Domain

SSL Web Hosting Setup

WordPress Intro

Selecting a Template

Creating Pages

Creating a Blog & Posting


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The Overnight Content Writer!

Get all of your ads, emails, webinar slides, web pages, blogs and more with the click of a button using iScripts!

"iScripts have saved me so much time, I would recommend it to anyone"

Mary Jackson, Las Vegas NV


The Overnight Content Writer

Done-For-You Sales Copy with the click of a button


Unlimited iScripts

5 Minute Perfect Webinar
About Me
Auto Email Follow Up
Avatar (Target Market)
Curiosity Hooks
Email Sequence
Email Subject Line
Epiphany Bridge
Facebook Newsfeed Ad
Fast Teaser & Tweet Emails
Free Info Request Email Sequence
Free Report
Hook, Story, Offer
Killer Headlines
Live Event Invitation

Offer Stack
Onboarding Email Sequence
Origin Story
Pay-Per-Click Ads (PPC)
Profitable Title
Seinfeld Email Topic Ideas
Short Sales Letter
Special Offers
Stealth Close Scripts
The Demo
Webinar Follow Up
Webinar Opt-In
Webinar Promotion

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The Overnight Content Writer

Done-For-You Sales Copy with the click of a button

Free iScript

Be sure to read all the info first before beginning. This form does not save information to complete at a later time.

ISCRIPTS: Million Dollar Content Headlines. These headlines get people to STOP what they're doing and read or watch your content. Put years of content headline script templates to work for you instantly with all your content! Use for articles, blog posts, videos, YouTube, Facebook or anywhere you need to grab attention and pull people into your content.
Ex: investors, home sellers, golfers, public speakers, funnel hackers, doctors, body builders, lonely men, etc.
"My ideal customer's #1 area of focus is _____." (Ex: ebook promotion; stock market research; lead generation, etc.)
"My ideal customer's #2 area of focus is _____." (Ex: content marketing; stock opportunity analysis; networking skills, etc.)
Starts with a VERB "I really need to ______, but I'm not sure how to do it." Ex: buy gold, write a book, fix your golf swing, run facebook ads, exercise, etc.
Starts with a VERB "If I could _______, that would be AMAZING!" (Ex: beat the market, improve your golf score, invest in precious metals, sell more from the stage, etc.)
Can be a person, place, or thing. (Ex: Realtors, investment advisers, stage fright, inflation, a wicked slice, bright shiny object syndrome, etc.)
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