Tori Jones

The seeds of the show were planted in 1998 when I saw an MTV music video starring Tori Amos. By this time Tori Amos had already distinguished herself as a child prodigy. She was composing piano pieces by the age of five and was, in fact, the youngest person ever admitted to the prestigious Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University.

I became an avid collector of her music and spent hours dissecting the lyrics and vocal styling of every song.  Trust me, immersing myself into the magical words were a welcome distraction during my commute on the Chicago subways on days so cold your nostrils would stick together!

At my first concert (Under the Pink), Tori Amos walked out onto the stage makeup free, hair in a ponytail, dressed in old clothes and barefoot.  That certainly caught my attention.  Then, she sat down to play and I burst out crying after the first three notes … that’s how much her music spoke to me.  For weeks I obsessed about it and then it hit me ………. I AM TORI AMOS!  And, I began my quest to perform “as” Tori Amos!  I wanted to “feel exactly what I saw” for my own self. 

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