Offer Low or High Ticket?

The process of developing low and high priced offers includes knowing your target market, providing value, efficient marketing, and ongoing development.

You may serve a greater range of customers and revenue streams by customizing your offers to fit distinct customer categories.

Low Ticket Offer Creation

Choose a Valuable Low-Ticket Product/Service:

For your low-cost offer, pick a good or service that solves a particular need or adds value. In our view, buyers should receive genuine value from even the most affordable deals. 

Set an Affordable Price:

Establish a low-ticket offer pricing point that your target market can pay. We believe that prices ought to be both profitable and competitive. 

Create Compelling Content and Sales Page:

Create a sales page and content that accentuates the advantages of your affordable product. It's crucial to have a well-written sales page with a clear call to action.

High Ticket Offer Creation

Choose a High-Value High-Ticket Product/Service:

For your expensive offer, pick a high-end good or service that provides meaningful advantages or fixes. Expensive deals ought to deliver great value.

Set a Competitive High-Price:

Examine your rivals' offerings and determine a premium pricing for your high-end package that matches the superior quality you offer. We believe that premium offers that come with special features or superior quality might fetch a higher price.

Develop a High-Quality Sales Funnel:

Build a thorough sales funnel that includes testimonials, in-depth proposals, and customized consultations. Expensive offers frequently call for a more customized strategy.

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