"I am beyond satisfied with Web Design Island. Tori jones and her team make this process an amazing experience and let me tell you why! First off Tori Jones's customer service and her attention to detail in her design process is the best I have experienced! This is actually my second time using Web Design Island for my website design, and each time I have learned so much! The people on her team are just as professional and really helped me through this to make my vision a reality. I have done my research and you will not find a better designer with all the amenities that she offers, and with the al carte pricing you can literally build your business as you go. I especially liked the fact that I didn't have to go searching for a graphic designer or someone to write my text, as Web Design Island has the right people to work with. It’s truly a "one-stop-shop" experience! You definitely get the feeling that you are working with the best designer in the business, and then when you see your website you know it! I would also like to say to people who think they need to work with a designer in their city. It is not necessary. I live in Hawaii and had no issues working remotely with this team. Thank you Web Design Island... People in Hawaii are already buzzing about my website as it is truly a work of art!" (2nd website)

"Tori Jones was amazing to work with. She takes the time to explain all the details in a way that you can really understand. I had researched other designers and was very disappointed with the lack of customer service and attentiveness to detail. Tori gives you the tools to make your website work for you and stands behind everything she does. The search for the best web designer stops with Web Design Island. I will be using her exclusively and recommending her to any person in need of a website. Thank you Tori for all that you have done for my business." (1st website)
Susie Fryar*
Glow Raw World*
"Our company, PMI Realty Nevada, has been engaged with Web Design Island for about 6 months. They have built a robust website for us with the many whistles & bells we wanted. It works flawlessly, gives us the colors we want, currently starting SEO and the patience & understanding on the part of Tori & her staff is just what the “Doctor Ordered” We are looking forward to generating business with the use of our beautiful new website and expect to be expanding the site with new pages as business warrants. I’d say we are a good testimonial & example of a satisfied client!”
A. Ron Evangelista
PMI Realty
"Tori and her team were very professional and diligent about getting the website up and running, and did a fantastic job. Our company is growing very quickly and it is tough to nail us down…but Tori did, and was successful in getting our website up and running fast. We received numerous many compliments stating how professional it looks. Web Design Island brought our ideas to life...and we will be expanding further on the website soon. Thanks Tori! Great job."
John Lonergan
Sentinel Group
"The team at Web Design Island was fantastic. The site that Tori put together for us was so creative and detailed. The process was so easy, and the step by step instructions were so helpful. The tutorials on "how to" was also really great. They continue to follow up with us on all our pending projects. I would highly recommend them to anybody wanting a website designed. They delivered everything they said they would." ~ Holly Abbott, Se7en dead
Holly Abbott
Se7en Dead
"The front-of-mind awareness that I have been able to create by sending out newsletters announcing my radio show every week has been very profitable for my business. Clients have contacted me and requested my services as a direct result of consistently reading my message through newsletters. I appreciate Web Design Island for offering such a useful service for FREE." (2nd website)

“It has been a real pleasure to work with Web Design Island on my website. Tori Jones is very thorough in her explanation of how my site works and I really appreciate the attention she pays to details. The exercises she offers for search engine optimization are outstanding. They have given me a refreshing outlook on my business. I would recommend Web Design Island to anyone who wants to work with a very talented and professional web designer." (1st website)
Guy Dawson*
PR Connections
"I cannot put into words how impressed I am with Tori and her ability to put together a perfectly thought out website! Amazingly, Tori was able to interpret my vague and abstract vision into reality by giving me exactly what I wanted. She was professional, prompt, knowledgeable, and courteous. The design and functionality is better than what I expected. I would strongly recommend her and her staff for any website you can imagine."
Scott Miller
State Restaurant
"Tori and her staff have been so patient in helping me design the perfect website! Tori has walked me through all stages of creation and has continued to be there for me with all my countless questions and concerns. I highly recommend Web Design Island for all of your website and social media projects. Thank you Tori!"
Debbie Hail
Boston Cleaners
“They did a great job on my website. I am happy that my Facebook is getting more and more activity.”
"I would 100% recommend Tori and her fantastic Web Design Island Team! Tori took my vision and made it a reality. My website is now beautiful, functional, vibrant, sleek and current. She was so very patient and graceful while considering my requests, visions and thoughts. She listened and was able to create the perfect website for my industry. She works extremely fast, pays attention to every detail and doesn’t skip a beat. Her services are far the best in the business. She even offers video tutorials to help with editing your own website! I look forward to utilizing more of her expert tutorials and services as I dive into my blog page! Thank you Tori for your excellent customer service, focus and knowledge. You run a truly stellar business and should be very proud."
Hardcore Pilates
“Wow, I really, really love my website. Great job! Very professional, clear and easy to navigate. Glad you are my website designer!!! Thank you for your help Web Design Island!"
Mirela Ionesc
Las Vegas Properties 4 You
My client - Trinity Tax Consultants Inc. (TTC) hired Tori with Web Design Island to design their website about the same time they hired me to handle their public relations and marketing efforts. Tori created a beautiful and user-friendly website for them! As a 20-year public relations and marketing Veteran, I've worked with numerous web design professionals over the years. Tori's creativity and professionalism is definitely a cut above the rest! I love how she offers live, online tutorials to show her clients how they can make minor changes to their own sites. I plan on having Tori redesign my own company website as well. I definitely recommend Web Design Island to any company who wants a brand new website or just a much needed facelift to their existing site.
Trinity Tax
"Many people and businesses know how to create a website. But few offer the quality of customer service, attention to detail, creative mentality, and dedication that you receive from working with Tori Jones and Web Design Island. One of the foremost attributes of Web Design Island is the flexibility you have in creating your website. Tori offers many reasonably priced packages, but also offers a la carte pricing! So whatever your web page needs are, Tori can find a combination that works best for you and your company. More than that though, Tori puts a significant amount of effort in making sure that the client is happy with the finished product. And even after the website is created, she will work with you in making sure your web page is up to date and current for years to come. Even better? Tori is connected with every avenue of social media to ensure that you not only have the quality website you want, but the exposure you need to draw in new clientele. I cannot recommend Tori highly enough if you want to find a company that is as invested in your success as you are. Thank you Tori for all your hard work!"
Joel Hangstler
Nettles Law Firm
Working with Tori of Web Design to create the Connected2Kids website was not only an easy experience but fun as well. Tori’s knowledge, guidance and enthusiasm were the primary drivers in making the project a success. From the first meeting to the launch, Tori “held my hand” all the way through the process and kept me on track. I love that she would challenge me when I asked her to do something that might not have achieved optimal search results or work well for my customer. I am looking forward to expanding my web presence and there is no one else I would choose to work with than Tori and Web Design Island."
Connected 2 Kids
"It's one thing to be an artist. It's another thing to be an artist that actually sells their art. Enter Tori Jones and Web Design Island.  I never thought I'd have a website let alone one where customers could actually purchase my artwork. Not only has Tori made that happen, but she's also been instrumental in helping worn[BUT NOT]forgotten find its niche. For sure, she's not your everyday web designer.   Simply put, I needed a store - and not a brick and mortar. A place that told my story and reflected my vision. A place unlike anywhere else. Thanks to Tori's expertise, when I now tell people to check out my website, I know they're going to have a "wow" experience. In the ever-changing world of technology, Tori is incredibly on top of things. She lets me know how search engines work, what I need to do to be found and when it's time to freshen things up, like content or a redesign. She's as ahead of the game as can be, has a team of professionals as support, and always finds quick solutions to any glitch that may come up - the latter being crucial to an e-commerce website. When it comes to the web today, are you different? Are you relevant? Are you cool? Thanks to Web Design Island, I'm all three. My artwork is as old-school as I am. In turn, I needed someone new-school to help me gain an online presence and let my business grow. Thank you, Tori." (2nd website)

"From the moment we met Tori, we knew we were in good hands. She spent time with us reviewing our old website and pointed out what was not working properly. She clearly explained to us how dynamic, searchable and more up-to-date our new website would be. But best of all, she understands that while she may be the expert, her clients are not. She took the time to hand-hold us through the process of entering the e-commerce world - an ever changing world that she stays current with. She cares. It shows. We're appreciative." ~ Steve & Jodi Makransky (1ST WEBSITE)
Steve McKransky*
Worn but not Forgotten
"Tori is awesome to work with. She has a young, clean and vibrant vision for my business. She made me feel as if I was the only account she was working on. Her ideas made my heart sing. So happy to have her on board as my web designer."
Aleta Anderson
Chef Aleta
"Web Design Island has it right!  They offer a way to get what you want and what you need without paying for the stuff you don’t.  More importantly, their techniques and strategies work!  A custom designed website rather than a cookie-cutter site is definitely the way to go.  The hand-holding and explanations along the way will help get you to the point where you’re ready to take over your site with easy editing, and the confidence that you’re making the right moves.  You can continue to enhance your site with “a la carte” add-ons if/when you are ready for the next step. I’m so much more than just happy with our new website and Web Design Island’s structure allows us to familiarize ourselves with each step and aspect before we move on to the next awesome options! Thank you Web Design Island for showing the industry how web design “should work”.  I and my business continue to rely on your professional, thorough, and growth-enabling assistance!"
Jason Bowman
Sunrise Solar Screens
"This is a testimonial about Tori Jones at Web Design Island. I can sum it up real short and simple. It doesn't get any better than Tori. She's an expert in her field. She's more knowledgable than any other web designer I have ever met. Her customer service is incomparable and simply the best. She delivers what she promises when and how she promises it. She takes the time to work with you every step of the way to guarantee that you are absolutely happy with your site. She doesn't settle for less than you loving your site. She is easy to work with and she explains the process to you in depth if need be. I have learned so much about web design and search engine optimization from her, more than anywhere else I've searched to learn from. And best of all she's always available, which seems so unrealistic but it's true. She is always just an email or a phone call away and she gets back to you in an appropriate amount of time to address your concerns or questions. I'm telling you go no where else to have your website built, otherwise you will probably end up having to have it built again....right by her if you go somewhere else. You're the best Tori! Thank you for all your hard work you have done on my site. I'm looking forward to a long lasting business relationship with you."
The Local City Pages
The Local City Pages
"Web Design Island is a company that understands its clients' visions and puts them into action. Tori Jones will provide you with the most effective and aesthetically pleasing website within an efficient time frame. Her services are uniquely priced a la carte, providing her clients with lots of free options as well, and free maintenance, really?! You can't beat it!"
Alexandra Williams
Move Connect Inspire
"Tori is the epitome of organization and passion for her work.  She will bring her best to the table in creating an amazing web design and she will challenge you to do the same! I was delighted to find I was receiving clients who found me via search engines alone within weeks of completing my Search Engine Optimization exercises! When the project is completed you will have something better than you had imagined when you began the process.  Web Design Island is what web design companies dream of becoming when they grow up …"
Elizabeth Kemper
Epic Reiki
"I have now had the pleasure of working with Tori in the development of two different websites. In each case, she seemed to understand my "vision" immediately and nailed it on the first attempt! And, it was done within days of being submitted. Couldn't be more impressed with her detailed, organized, no nonsense approach to web site design!  Thank you Tori!" (2ND WEBSITE)

"The whole subject of web design was another language to me so I interviewed half a dozen different web designers. I chose to utilize the services of Web Design Island because Tori Jones communicated her services in a way I could understand and relate to. She gives you step by step instructions that simplify the process.  She got the look and feel I was aiming for on the first try.  And, the fact that her SEO services are included in the contract was an added bonus. I had received great feedback from her other clients, and I found that she did not disappoint.  I’d highly recommend her services!" (1ST WEBSITE)
Sheri Martin
Airmid Herbal Remedies*
"I have known Tori for a few years now on a personal level, and decided to take the leap and have her create my website. She built my website, Dynamic Wellness Now. I could not have been more satisfied and happy with the results! I had absolute trust working with Tori, knowing that all that she would do would be professional, organized and detailed. She has a great way of communicating directly and effectively, and also has a great follow through approach to her work. She is dependable, flexible, and most of all, has complete passion for her work. She strives to bring the very best quality of service to her clients, which shows in the results of the sites that she builds. The other reason she is so good at what she does is because she takes a totally different viewpoint in her work. She believes in educating her clients. She clearly instructs them on how to do their own SEO exercises so that their websites are found on the Internet.  Other designers don't do this, nor do they even tell their clients about how this is necessary to drive business to their site! It works! Since doing my exercises, my site has been found and I have received business. I immediately refer Tori to anyone that I hear of that is looking to redesign, or build a website, because I know that they will be completely happy with the experience, and the results."
Susan Powell
Dynamic Wellness Now
"Starting a new business is very nerve racking. Finding someone to portray your vision and ideas into a functioning website is even more nerve racking. Through a few trusted leads, I found Tori at Web Design Island. She transformed my thoughts, ideas, and personal style into an amazing website. Thank you Tori for creating such an amazing site in a timely and professional manner." (2nd website)

"Tori was a pleasure to work with on this  site. Her creative input and constructive feedback took this website to another level. It's a great feeling to know the web designer cares about the end product as much as we did. Thanks Tori!" (1st website)
Lisa Magidow*
Brown Bag Delivery
“If you are looking for speed, efficiency, creativity and affordability, then Web Design Island is your refuge. Tori was able to create 17 pages for me in less than one week. Her abilities exceeded my expectations!”
Kathy Crook
Long Lasting Lips
"Designing my website with Tori at Web Design Island has been an absolute pleasure as well as an educational experience for me. Tori's knowledge and experience has allowed me to build a website that includes everything that I ever wanted in a website and the ability to edit the content of the site myself! Exactly what I wanted! Thank you Tori and Web Design Island."
David Bruley
Piano Player Las Vegas
"Tori Jones is very professional. She has a keen eye for composition and a great sense of creativity. My positive experience with her will have me recommending her services to all who want a quality, and affordable website."
Marta Nino
Marta Nino
"I would like to Thank Tori and Web Design Island for walking me through every step of the way during the creation of my web site. Every question and any concerns were addressed and answered in a professional and timely manner. The concept of pay per page is genius and the fact that Web Design Island will host forever and the free SEO Tools make the process of being successful that much easier. Thank You Web Design Island!"
Joseph Klug
Patty Bag
"Tori Jones has a rare duel talent of both original creativity and classy business skills.  I'm more than pleased with the final result of my first website.  Her fast dedication and quick on the spot cleverness resulted in a very eye catching website that was completed in no time. There are many con artists and shady individuals in the design business. However, you can be rest assured knowing that Tori will take good care of your website and your personal interests.  In addition, many other competitors will leave you in the balance after your website is finished. Web Design Island makes sure that your website is properly maintained and grows at an exponential rate.  You can stop shopping for other website designers!  You found the one!"
Brendan Brown
Sound of Stories
I had the pleasure of working with Tori at Web Design Island recently when she created my web site for my company. Not only is she super knowledgeable she was able to help me get going in the RIGHT direction with a great website! She really knows what works and what doesn't work as far as web pages go. She took the time to explain to me how search engines work and how my company could benefit from having an effective web page. I am very thankful that she did because nobody would have ever found me. Thank you Web Design Island!!"
Brea Williams
Performance Motorsports
"After a frustrating start with trying to build my website with another designer, I was instantly relieved the moment I met Tori. She immediately put me at ease because she listens to her clients' needs. Not only does she tailor your website from the ground up, but she is very hands on and walks you through the process. Tori is extremely efficient and is genuine about making her clients happy and fulfilling their personal vision. As my business grows, I feel that I am in the very capable hands of Tori, who is there every step of the way. She will be your lifelong coach and be there to support you in any way possible."
Nami Oneda
Barre Definitions
“As the manager of a new, rapidly growing real estate company, I had virtually no knowledge of web site creation and was far too busy to attempt to learn. I was introduced to Tori through a mutual friend.  Upon meeting Tori I immediately sensed that she would be able to provide me a high-quality web site and hosting service at an affordable price and in an efficient manner.  And she did.  I highly recommend her."
Chris Hardin
SFR Investments
"I was having problems with my website. I wasn’t happy with it. On it’s face it was a functional website, but it wasn’t what I would call a great website. The look wasn’t quite right. Tori from Web Design Island went to work right away. She is really quick too. She had my whole site redesigned in a matter of just a few days.  Tori is very easy and fun to work with. She has a great ability to sense what the clients needs are. I absolutely recommend her to any one that wants a top notch website, and great anytime technical support. Tori is the best!"
Balance Effect
"Tori Jones with Web Design Island has been nothing short of fabulous.  I had an old website that really wasn't getting the attention that it needed.  She created an entirely new site for me, while incorporating the details I still loved from my old one. The SEO exercises have helped to drive more traffic to my site and are very easy to follow step by step processes.  The quality of work and attention to detail that Tori displayed throughout the entire design process, was extremely impressive. Her ability to create a professional and uniquely beautiful website from a bunch of text and photos was impressive. I feel extremely fortunate to have found Web Design Island.  Thanks Tori!"
Autumn Monteiro
My Back on Track
"Tori with Web Design Island is a great website developer! We had gone through two other developers who had higher fees and never accomplished anything, but excuses to why its not done. Tori was "on the ball" from day one. She was not only thorough, but patient and helpful! Tori made sure we understood what she wanted to accomplish and gave us the best website design! Her prices are VERY reasonable compared to other companies out there. You can tell that she not ONLY cares about her job, but gives her best to the customer. That's a rare find!"
Joey Carter
Bethesda Water
"I cannot begin to thank you enough for the wonderful work that you did in putting together a succinct and beautiful website to promote my business. It is more than I had ever imagined, not only professional but very beautiful. Your guidance and patience working with me really helped me provide you with the information that you needed to activate the site and to optimize its exposure. Your work is so very professional; I look forward to referring many new clients to your business. Again, thank you for putting my business services on the map."
Elynne Jacobson
4 UR Health
"Tori with Web Design Island designed my website and I must say she made the process easy and was very supportive along the way. The final product exceeded my creative expectations. I've had many comments so far such as classy, soothing, beautiful and easy to follow and read.  That is exactly what I wanted in my website.  Thank you Tori and Web Design Island!!"
Aminah's Organic Skin Spa
"I would like to thank you so much for putting our community website together for us. You not only have the best prices, but your professionalism is very refreshing. We love our website, it looks great and for those of us who are not computer savvy, you made the entire process so easy. I look forward to working with you again and will definitely be referring you anyone who is interested in putting together a website." Thank you for everything."
Lisa Krueger
Canyon Mist
"Tori is a true professional. She is really patient and teaches you how to expose your website to more prospective clients. She had my website ready to function in 24 hours. I was very happy with her service and ability. Tori is the bomb." ~ KWK Construction
Kirk Kimbel
KWK Construction
"Tori @ Web Design Island has created an amazing web site for America's Living Trust.  Not only did Tori do a fantastic job, Tori had to put up with my being a novice on the computer! Our site, in my opinion, was a more difficult task because we are creating a presence on the web, in a fashion that our client can "fill in the blanks" on an application ---highly confidential information, then actually submit to us via our secure site. This added security entailed extra work on Tori's part, due to the company requirements.  We will be adding future landing pages and more in the future. The fact that we can  a' la carte  as we grow, is a bonus! If your business needs to be on the web? Consult with a few, then hire Tori if you want a really great job! Thank you!"
Barb Beatty
America's Living Trust
"I appreciate the opportunity to express my gratitude to Tori @ Web Design Island for her expertise in helping me to create my web pages and for hosting my website. As someone who was overwhelmed with the prospect of designing a business site, she guided me through the process step-by-step through emails and detailed reading materials that educated me on computer language, processes and terms. The overview provided was just the right amount of information to digest in order for me to move confidently forward in the process while leaving the more technical aspects in her capable hands. Tori's experience in website design enables her to offer positive suggestions in order to improve the layout design. She is very responsive in accomplishing any changes that are desired and/or required and she takes the initiative to assist you throughout the process. I am grateful for the economical solution Web Design Island offers my business and it will be my pleasure to recommend Web Design Island to anyone who runs a web-based company."
Anne Sims
Sumpower Game
"I had a website developed and designed a few years ago and I really did love it.  However, the services that came with or the services that did NOT come with it, stunted the growth of my business. Not knowing what to ask for in the way of what I wanted to project to potential clients was a major detail that was somewhat overlooked. Tori is a genius! She is fast and when she says she will have your site live in 24 hours (or less) get ready because it will be! I love my new design and the many features that I did not know existed, still have me marveling at how super efficient and knowledgeable Tori is."
Mindi Anderson
Mindi Yogi Wellness
I love my website! Everyone tells me how beautiful it looks. Tori takes the time to explain the details of a working website and she will service it for life – FREE! Now that’s something you don’t find every day. If you want an effective, professional website, you have to hire Tori with Web Design Island. Her rates are reasonable and her service is beyond compare."
Jamie Lee
Animal Bonds
"Tori’s work on my very small website was efficient, timely, and educational. She was helpful in guiding me to other sites for photos and ideas which caused my site to go live in a very short period of time. I’m now beginning the exercises for search engine optimization. My wife had a more complex website built by Tori as well. It was because of their business relationship (that I experienced second hand) that I knew it was a no-brainer to call Tori for my web design. My wife’s website is now being found by search engines thanks to Tori’s expertise and thoroughness in making sure we get our assignments completed on time. I actually learned more about how to build a usable website just from listening to my wife and Tori talk on the phone! When I’m ready to add more pages to my site, I will definitely call Tori. It has been a pleasurable experience and I believe very reasonably priced."
Rick Krook
Good Food 2 U
"Tori did such a great job with my band's website. Not only was she super quick at getting my website up and running compared to other web designers, but she really is thoroughly knowledgeable on state-of-the-art web design. I will definitely recommend her to anyone I talk to who wants a website."
Jenna Bohannon
Dazzle Band
"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Tori Jones at Web Design Island.  I was introduced to Tori thru a networking organization.  I had been thinking about a website, but was so totally and utterly overwhelmed just with the prospect, that I neglected to even think about it. Then along came Tori.  She made it soooo easy.  Her  patience was amazing.  She gave me insight, thoughts for the design, questions to answer and advice on how to organize the site. I am very pleased with the end result and  would not hesitate to recommend Tori to anyone wishing to design a website.  Tori would be an asset to any organization that wanted to have their own website. Thanks again, Tori."
Ricki Greenspon
By Invitation Only
"As a small business owner now for the last six years, I never trusted putting the tasks of building my business into the hands of another, including hiring a web designer. However, working with Tori Jones of Web Design Island this year has been pleasantly surprising for me. I'm so impressed with the knowledge, passion and enthusiam she pours into her work. After working with her, I know she's truly dedicated to helping you achieve exactly what you want to get out of a web presence on the net. She's shown me that I can indeed trust putting the task of designing my website into the hands of another. I look forward to a long, successful working relationship with Web Design Island. Thanks Tori!"
Mitch Herrington
Mitch Herrington Massage
"Tori with Web Design Island is a great website developer.  She was very creative and quick with the initial overall concept and design and her execution for the Website was efficient and user friendly. In addition Tori was very helpful with incredible suggestions on the business application side and her rates are reasonable. Clearly Tori truly loves what she does and has a special gift in design and website development, making her the perfect choice!"
Las Vegas Exotic Dancer
"Tori Jones, owner of Web Design Island, was a pleasure to work with. Not only did she have my new site up and running in less than 24 hours, she took the time to explain the entire process to me. I am so proud to direct my clients to my new site. My website is classy and polished, exactly what I was looking for."
Laura Rubeli
Laura Rubeli Image Consulting
"Thank you for your beautiful work on my website. Your creativity and patience is greatly appreciated. I feel like you went the extra mile with me helping me understand the world of the net and I will most certainly refer you to all my clients and friends. Thanks again and I look forward to our relationship building as my company expands!"
Lynette Owens
Simple Healings