"Email Subject Lines" iScript

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ISCRIPTS: Email Subject Line. Use these scripts to get your email marketing messages opened so you can make more sales, get more subscribers, and skyrocket your results! These subject lines are based on proven scripts that have performed very well in countless niches selling all kinds of products, services, software, etc. This script creates almost 200 Subject lines for you in a snap.
(Ex: Tori Jones)
(Ex: financial planners, realtors, busy moms, etc.)
(Ex: For sale by owner, dieting, weight loss, ebook writing)
Starts with a VERB (Ex: lose weight, sell your home)
Starts with a NOUN (Ex: weight loss plan, home sale)
Starts with a NOUN (Ex: exercise, divorce, bankruptcy, heart attack)
Esp. for articles, reports, videos, etc. (Ex: 9, 6, 3, etc)
(Ex: [FSBO], [JimE],[7Dayebook], [JimmyB], etc.)
Starts with a NOUN (Ex: The Election, The Oscars, The President, etc.)

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