About Tori Jones

Hey there, welcome to the no-BS zone. I’m Tori, the seasoned sage of WordPress web development, because apparently, doing something for over 25 years makes you a “sage” or something. I specialize in giving websites a makeover that would make reality TV stars envious, setting up funnels, automations, and memberships with finesse.

Being Italian, I come with an extra serving of sarcasm and a natural ability to turn every code into a work of art – like Michelangelo, if he traded his paintbrush for a keyboard. I live and breathe efficiency and systems, in both my business and my personal life. Imagine a world where everything runs as smoothly as my code – that’s the dream I’m living, folks.

With the mind of an engineer and the soul of a devout planner, I tackle web development with the kind of precision that makes Swiss watches look sloppy. I love to educate (yes, even the know-it-alls) and save people money, mainly because I can’t stand the sight of good cash being thrown at bad web design.

Straight shooting is my style – I don’t mince words, and I definitely don’t do fluff. I’m quick-witted, and I use the process of elimination to troubleshoot issues faster than you can say “404 error.” When I started in this game, content management systems were just a twinkle in the internet’s eye. I was there, building websites with pure HTML and CSS, back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth and dial-up was the height of sophistication.

So, if you’re tired of web developers who beat around the bush and you’re ready for someone who gets straight to the point with a side of sarcastic humor, you’re in the right place. Let’s make your website not just functional, but freakin’ fantastic – no BS, no sugar-coating, just good old-fashioned craftsmanship with a modern twist. 

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