Building a Website: It’s All About the Bones (and a Little Less About the Bling)

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Many individuals just think on the design while building a website, but the structure is actually far more crucial. The organization and presentation of a website’s material to users are referred to as its structure, whilst its visual appeal and user experience are described as its design. The following are some justifications for making website structure your main focus.

Better structure improves user experience:

A website’s structure plays a crucial role in the user experience it offers. Users are likely to feel frustrated and quit the website if they can’t quickly and easily access the information they’re looking for. A well-structured website guarantees that users can easily browse it, locate what they’re looking for, and complete their tasks.

Good structure improves SEO:

A well-structured website can also help with search engine optimization (SEO). Search engines like Google prefer sites with clear, organized content, and will often rank them higher in search results. Good structure also makes it easier for search engines to crawl your site, which can lead to better indexing and higher visibility.

Good Structure is Scalable

A robust structure may be scaled as your website expands, making it the more important to have it in place. A website with a solid organizational structure may readily handle new pages, sections, or features without messing up the hierarchy. A badly constructed site makes it more difficult to make these changes, which can worsen user experience by causing confusion.

Good structure is easier to maintain:

It’s simpler to maintain a website with a good structure. A website with a clear structure is also simpler to maintain over time. The current structure gives a framework for organizing content, making changes more effective. As a result, updates can be done more rapidly and accurately.

Very important for accessibility.

A website’s structure is very important for accessibility. For people with impairments, a well-structured website makes it simpler for them to access and comprehend the content. This includes elements like headlines that provide context, alt text for photos, and logical page layouts that facilitate information flow.

A well-structured website is essential for a good user experience, enhanced SEO, scaling your site, simpler maintenance, and support for accessibility. Although design is crucial, when creating a great website, structure should always come first.

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