Surfing the Digital Wave: A Veteran Web Designer’s Guide to Not Drowning in Online Business.

After spending three decades wrestling with pixels, I’ve seen enough online ventures take off and face-plant that I could write a sitcom.

But instead of Netflix, you’re stuck with my wisdom on how to not just survive but thrive in the digital jungle. This is where your business should be in the first, second and third year in the online world!

YEAR ONE: Establishing Foundations

(What have I gotten myself into Phase?)

Online Presence and Brand Identity:

  • Create a compelling brand identity that includes a brand voice, color palette, and logo.
  • Create a business wordpress website (ownership) with the following must-have pages: Contact, Products/Services, About Us, Home and a custom Blog  – unlimited pages.
  • Make an appearance on social media sites that are pertinent to your business (e.g., LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram).

Client Interaction:

  • Use fundamental SEO techniques to improve website visibility.
  • Launch a news section/custom Blog on your website to publish information frequently.
  • Use social media interactions, email marketing, and newsletters to communicate with your customers.

Validation of product and market:

  • Provide a core range of goods or services that satisfy the demands of your intended clientele.
  • Through reviews, questionnaires, and face-to-face interactions, get input from your customers.
  • Examine sales information to determine consumer preferences and popular goods and services.

Effectiveness of Operations:

  • Put in place fundamental business procedures and systems to handle orders, customer support, and inventory (if any).
  • Establish financial monitoring for earnings, costs, and profit margins.

YEAR TWO: Growth and Optimization

(Oh, so this is how it works Phase)

Sales and Marketing:

  • Increase your SEO efforts and make strategy adjustments depending on performance metrics.
  • To draw in new clients, investigate paid advertising on social media and search engines.
  • Create alliances and joint ventures to expand your market reach and promote your products together.

Extension of a Product or Service:

  • Increase the range of products and services you offer based on input from customers and market research.
  • Think about branching out into different markets or demographics.

Retaining Customers:

  • Establish a loyalty program or provide recurring consumers with exclusive offers (custom wordpress membership).
  • Use a helpdesk system or chat assistance to enhance customer service.

Enhancement of Operations:

  • To improve efficiency, spend money on software or better hardware.
  • Assess and enhance supply chain or service delivery procedures to lower expenses and boost effectiveness.

YEAR THREE: Scaling and Sustaining Growth

(Look ma, I’m a Tycoon)

Authority on Brands:

  • Become recognized as a thought leader in your field through partnerships, speaking engagements, and content marketing.
  • Increase your online visibility on additional channels where your target audience is active.

Strategic Alliances and Connectivity:

  • Form strategic alliances with other companies to provide supplementary goods and services.
  • Use social media sites like LinkedIn to build business-to-business connections that may open up new avenues.

Advanced Techniques in Marketing:

  • To make marketing and sales activities more individualized, use data analytics and customer insights.
  • If possible, investigate foreign markets while modifying marketing tactics to account for cultural variances.

New ideas and growth

  • Keep coming up with new ideas for your products and services based on feedback from customers and growing trends.
  • Think about ways to sell your goods or services online or through real retail locations.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability:

  • Adopt environmentally friendly business procedures and make contributions to charitable causes that reflect your brand’s beliefs.
  • Effectively communicate your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities) initiatives to foster a positive brand perception and interact with customers that share your values.

An online business can not only survive its first three years, but also prosper by concentrating on these areas. But with the digital world and customer behavior always changing, it’s critical to stay flexible.

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